King Cobra 8″ Hood

Forget what you’ve heard: size matters, especially when it comes to lighting large spaces in indoor gardens. Were here to help you overcome your reflector envy with the brand new King Cobra 8!

The biggest in SunleavesPredator Series, the King Cobra features a shatter-resistant tempered glass lens, a European aluminum insert that offers 95% reflectivity, and a UL-listed, aerodynamically-mounted 2000-watt/600-volt pulse-rated Leviton mogul socket. Power is provided via a 15-foot, 600-volt cord outfitted with the industry-standard common plug.

The Predator Series King Cobra 8 houses an eight-inch flange and measures 42.75″ x 30″ x 9.75″ (dimensions include flanges and mounting brackets). Perfect fit for a 4×4 tray on up to a 5’x’5 area. Complementary hanging hardware is included with each King Cobra reflector. Bigger than the Raptor and better than the BigFoot, you CAN grow more with the King Cobra 8!

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