Vital Earth’s Organic Potting Soil

Vital Earth’s Organic Potting Soil is the perfect medium for growing all your fruits and vegetables. With sphagnum peat moss, which increases the holding capacity of air and water and decomposes very slowly, your plants are sure to be happy and healthy from seeding to harvest. In addition, this organic potting soil also contains an earthworm bedding, which helps nutrient and water absorption. Grow something good with Vital Earth’s Organic Soil!

Contains –

  • Vital Earth’s® Organic Compost OMRI
  • Mega Worm® earthworm castings promotes enhanced germination, root growth, plant-growth, crop yield & water-holding capacity in soils.
  • Contains mycorrhizal fungi and Vital Earth’s® Powdered Glacial Rock.
  • Also contains guano, peat moss, and pumice!
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