iUNU Dual Plasma

With iUNU Dual Plasma, every wavelength is put to use to grow healthy, beautiful plants. The technology advances the horticulture industry by maximizing growth, while minimizing energy, water, and nutrient waste.

The result is the most progressive and efficient lighting system on the market.

iunuPhotosynthesis occurs within the 400-700 nm wavelength range. Our spectrum minimizes peaks and troughs, creating an optimized distribution of light across the entire range.

Traditional growing fixtures sacrifice one part of the spectrum, while overemphasizing another for different stages of growth. This necessitates the usage of multiple lighting sources to create a balanced spectrum. We provide one light source with one complete spectrum.

Cut your energy bill by over 50%!

Say goodbye to external fans and ducting. With integrated active and passive cooling, indoor growing environments require less HVAC infrastructure, which decreases room construction and maintenance costs.

iUNU engineers meticulously considered every detail of every component in the Dual Plasma to develop a fixture that will stand the test of time, cycle after cycle. Designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington.iunu


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