Organics Alive Bio-Extractors

bioThe Organics Alive 1.5 and 4 gallon Bio-Extractors are designed and engineered specifically for the extraction of the biology contained within the Organics Alive Bio-Packs.



Organics Alive Bio-Extractors have a patented dynamic fluid technology that will multiply Organics Alive biology 9 billion times in 24 hours.

The Bio-Extractor sends 6 ppm through an engineered and fabricated oxygen diffuser. The diffuser is a self seal Teflon material that sends 1-3 mm air bubbles that extract and feed the biology within  the Bio-pack. The patented chimney holds the O-Pack or D-Packs at a stable level for perfect cavitation.

One gallon of Organics Alive microbial rich solution equates to 2000 lbs of Organics Alive worm Castings.

A ready to make Earthworm Casting Tea that has a balanced biology between Bacteria and Fungi. Stop brewing bacteria dominant teas!

organicsaliveHigh in Chitin and Cellulose recyclers that further help increase the plant’s immunity to bugs and diseases such as mildew and mites.

The dilution rate of the finished tea 1:10 tea to water.

So the 1.5 gallon pack makes 15 gallons of diluted tea, while the 4 gallon pack makes 40 gallons of tea diluted!

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