Organics Alive Bloom Worm Castings

wormbloomOrganics Alive Worm Casting Bloom is a specific vegan topper or backfill made for fruiting and flowering trees and plants. It uses a special diet fed to Red Wrigglers to create Organics Alive Worm Castings.


A vegetable compost is added at a ratio of 30:1 C:N for balanced and optimal biological multiplication.

The multi mineral additives were sourced for their purity, optimal CEC (cation exchange capacity), and high levels of specific trace minerals to ensure optimal phosphorus, potassium and calcium availability as well focus on co-minerals and trace minerals to maximize absorption during pH and moisture shifts.

Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom focuses on the top 10 cm of the soil horizon which has the most available phosphorus. Adding the active and potent Organics Alive Worm Castings increases the cycling of phosphorus from the roots to above ground plant biomass.

This cycle is constant with the proper biology and will increase availability and absorption by your plants during flower stages of growth. Many factors attribute to your plants intake of phosphorus and potassium such as mineral balance, biological balance, pH, and moisture. Worm Castings Bloom checks off all these factors and is apparent when used during planting or transition period of your plant cycle.

organicsaliveOrganics Alive Worm Castings Bloom will increase the health of your plants and trees to the end of its life cycle to produce high quality crops and and increased yields.

Add a 1/2 inch layer to your existing garden beds and around drip line of plants or mix at 15% in your soil or garden mix.

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