Organics Alive E.M.E

emeOrganics Alive E.M.E. consists of essential mineral elements to provide the soil biology and root system the proper mineral balance for optimal health.

Mineral elements have a large part in the control of the absorption of macro-nutrients.

E.M.E. is derived from volcanic ash; it also includes Humate, Leonardite, Rock mineral, Kelzyme, and soft rock phosphate. These essential elements are food sources for biology.

organicsaliveHumate and Leonardite will help in fungal development and humic additives.

Volcanic Rock and Kelp Kelzyme will add 80 essential minerals and trace minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Silica, and much more!

E.M.E. focuses on nutrient availability, biological sustainability, root development, high uptake and CEC.

Sprinkle around drip line, or use 1lb for every 10 sq ft of garden soil.

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