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Hydroponic LED Growth Chamber

The Hydroponic Research Growth Chamber is a unique, all-in-one hydroponic system that is excellent for plant isolation research. The enclosed chamber includes a floating raft hydroponic system with a 32-cell Styrofoam tray, an air stone that helps aerate the water, … Continue reading

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AutoPot 4-Pot System

The new AutoPot 4-Pot System is a gravity fed watering system which requires no power, pumps or timers to operate. It is extremely versatile and caters for gardeners and growers of all abilities guaranteeing great results.   The system can … Continue reading

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Cocorox is a blend of Botanicare’s high pith Cocogro coir fiber and Hydrolite, a silica based rock buffered with Pure Blend Pro. Formulated for use in re-circulating hydroponic systems and run to waste container gardens, this ultra-convenient grow media provides … Continue reading

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VersaGrow 10 Plant Hydro System

Check out the new 10 plant VersaGrow system! This hydroponic system offers the perfect blend of performance and simplicity at a very competitive price (under $200!). Regardless of the growth method or media chosen, the new line of VersaGrow hydroponic systems … Continue reading

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WaterPower 120 Pump

The WaterPower 120 pump from General Hydroponics has been designed for ease of use. It is constructed with the highest quality workmanship and finest materials to ensure long dependable use. This pump is rated for 951 GPH & is used in the popular … Continue reading

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Grow Stones

Growstones are a sustainable and earth-friendly growing medium great for hydroponic uses. Grow Stones are specifically engineered for balanced oxygen to water ratio, and is completely sterile, containing no weed seeds or disease spores because it is man-made out of 97% … Continue reading

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