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Mad Farmer Root It Gel

Mad Farmer Root It is a powerful cloning gel for use in the propagation of new plants from a mother plant. The thick, water based gel sticks to the fresh cutting, sealing the site of the cut to reduce the … Continue reading

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Clonex Gel

Clonex Gel has a full spectrum of primary nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots. The product is a thick gel, which means it will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying what … Continue reading

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What is Azos?

Azos (Azospirillum Brasilense XOH) is the world’s most powerful nitrogen-fixing bacteria, first isolated in the Amazon Rainforest.  Extreme Gardening has since cultured this beneficial microbe into an aggressive, high-potency root drench providing tremendous benefits to plants. Azos will not only boost … Continue reading

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