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The Future of Indoor Gardening Has Arrived…Grow KIND! The K3 – L600 LED Grow Light Replaces 600w Traditional Grow Light! After years of rigorous research & development, the KIND LED Grow Light is complete, and it is a work of … Continue reading

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Hormex Snip N Dip #8

Hormex Rooting Powder #8 is a vitamin and hormone concentrate as well as a root-growth stimulant. Hormex prevents transplant shock by stimulating growth of small feeder roots, which are often damaged during transplanting. Hormex Rooting Powder #8 is great for … Continue reading

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Magnum 357 LED

Reap all of the benefits of growing fruiting plants with high power HID lighting without all the hassles of excess heat production, added cost of air conditioning, costly wiring upgrades, bulb replacements, special timers, reflectors and unreliable ballasts. Now you … Continue reading

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Kessil 350 LED Grow Light

Kessil makes innovative high intensity LED grow lights designed specifically for indoor growing experts. With the well established H150 product family and the newly added H350 line, Kessil offers high performance, energy-saving, and long-lasting light fixtures made to meet today’s … Continue reading

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Kessil LED Grow Lights

 The LED revolution is about to explode, and we are proud to offer the Kessil 150 LED grow light . This super sleek & sexy design runs on just 32 watts of energy and is the perfect size for any small garden space.  … Continue reading

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Grow more with LED lighting

Found another great recent article for the LED gardening faithfull from Maxium Yield magazine. check it out!

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