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Mad Farmer Detox

Mad Farmer’s Detox is a flush solution specifically formulated to dissolve and remove excess salts that build up over time with the regular use of fertilizer. Detox eliminates toxic salts that accumulate in hydroponic systems, potting soils, coco coir and … Continue reading

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Mad Farmer Root It Gel

Mad Farmer Root It is a powerful cloning gel for use in the propagation of new plants from a mother plant. The thick, water based gel sticks to the fresh cutting, sealing the site of the cut to reduce the … Continue reading

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Mother of All Blooms

From the Mad Farmer comes (M.O.A.B.) – Mother of All Blooms M.O.A.B supplies your flowering plants with extreme levels of food grade phosphorus and potassium. This also contains Vitamin B-1 to help reduce shock and assist with growth.   The Mad Farmer only uses … Continue reading

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Mad Farmer goes NUTS!

The Mad Farmer’s N.U.T.S. is an OMRI certified additive that is compatible with ALL other nutrients. The Mad Farmer’s N.U.T.S.should be applied as a foliar spray and / or used in conjunction with regular feeding schedules. N.U.T.S. is hydrolysis extracted … Continue reading

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