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MICRONA™ Ag H2O – Solution Grade

MICRONA™ Ag H2O – Solution Grade is far superior to standard coarse agricultural limes. This ultra fine powder can be used in direct soil and liquid applications for high quality row crops, grapes, nursery stock, cane berries and other valuable crops. It’s high dissolution rate makes … Continue reading

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Earth Juice Natural pH Up

Proper pH levels are crucial for healthy plant growth. A pH that is too high or too low can reduce the availability of some nutrients. Effective in soil and hydroponics systems, Earth Juice uses potassium bicarbonate to raise pH. Earth … Continue reading

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Power Silicate (0 – 0 – 3)

Power Silicate from Greenstone Nutrients can be used to increase a low pH and prevent the pH from further abrupt changes. By regularly adding Power Silicate to the nutrient reservoir, it ensures that plants will grow at the proper pH … Continue reading

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Bluelab pH Up & pH Down

The new pH Up and pH Down solutions from Bluelab can be used undiluted with the Bluelab pH Controller and Bluelab pH Controller Connect.       If your pH isn’t in the right range – and that’s 5.5-6.5 for … Continue reading

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Microbe Life Hydroponics pH Up & pH Down

When used as directed, Microbe Life/pH Decrease: • Safely lowers pH levels • Combines 2 pH adjusters for buffered effectiveness • Contains 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance • Will not harm plants     When used as directed, … Continue reading

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Botanicare pH Up & Down

With plants, nutrient availability can be affected by soil or solution pH. pH levels outside recommended ranges can lead to nutrient lockout and nutrient deficiencies resulting in stunted growth and poor appearance. Control your pH levels, minimize problems and maximize … Continue reading

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